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  • Sabine Hoffmann (Since November 2014)
    • Title: Bayesian hierarchical approach to account for exposure measurement errors to ionizing radiation when assessing the risk of radiation-related cancers - Application to a cohort of uranium miners.
    • Research team: IRSN - Laboratory of Ionizing Radiation Epidemiology (LEPID)
    • PhD supervisor: Chantal Guihenneuc (Paris-Descartes University)
    • PhD co-supervisor: Sophie Ancelet (IRSN - PRP-HOM/SRBE/LEPID)
    • Ecole Doctorale de Santé Publique Paris-Sud (ED420)
    • Fundings: IRSN/AREVA




Master Internships (Master 2)


  • Sabine Hoffmann (April 2014- October 2014)
    • ENSAI (Rennes) - "Biostatistics specialization" + Master of research "Clinical Pharmacology and Epidemiology" (University of Rennes 1)
    • Topic:  Bayesian structural modelling to account for multiple exposure measurement errors to ionizing radiation when analysing the risk of radiation-related cancer - Application to the French cohort of uranium miners.
    • Co-supervised by Chantal Guihenneuc (Paris-Descartes University)



Thesis committee member


  • Mouhamadou Moustapha Sy (2013-) supervised by Marie Simon-Cornu (IRSN/LM2E, Cadarache)
    • Topic: Uncertainty quantification to simulate radionuclide transfers in the environment emitted during a nuclear accident and assess the dietary exposure of human populations.
  • Sergey Zhivin (2012-) supervised by Dominique Laurier (IRSN/LEPID, Fontenay-Aux-Roses)
    • Topic: Epidemiological study of workers implied in the nuclear fuel cycle and analysis of the health effects of uranium and its compounds given their solubility.
  • Jean-Baptiste Lecomte (2011-2014) supervised by Eric Parent / Liliane Bel (AgroParisTech, Equipe MORSE)
    • Topic: Modelling the spatio-temporal repartition of the invertebrates in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.

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